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The Oregon Career Development Association (OCDA) provides two annual awards to career development professionals in Oregon.  These awards are designated to honor individuals making significant contributions to the improvement of career development. The awards are presented annually at the spring Professional Development Institute and Awards Ceremony. Nominees do not need to be a member of OCDA; each award will include a one-year membership to OCDA.

Esther Matthews Award
Awarded to an individual who has demonstrated lifelong leadership, scholarship, and professional commitment to the career development field. Esther Elizabeth Matthews B.S., 1940, Massachusetts State; M.Ed., 1943, Ed.D., 1960, Harvard. Matthews taught at numerous institutions of higher education including Harvard and Columbia before joining the University of Oregon in 1966 in counseling psychology. She retired in 1980 as professor emerita. She received the Distinguished Service and Leona Tyler Awards of the Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association. She is listed in the World Who’s Who (London), Outstanding Educators of America, Who’s Who in the West, and Who’s Who of American Women. Matthews served as president of National Career Development Association 1974-75. Matthews was always interested in the intellectual and emotional development of women, and in 1987, the American Association for Counseling and Development recognized Matthews for her contribution to the promotion of human rights. She died in June 2010, at her home in Eugene.

Past Recipients

Louise Paradis (2018), Angela Doty (2017), Tina Anctil (2014), Mary Vance (2013), Carole Mackewich (2012), Marina Martinez (2011), Fran Moga (2010), Chuck Zimchek (2009), Laura McCoid (2008), Gary Sackley (2007), Gene Eakin (2006), Susan Roudebush (2005), Larry Smith (2004), Clarice Wilsey (2003), Renette Meltebeke (1998), Cheryl Buhl (1995), Denise Gudger (1994), Lucille Nielsen (1993)
(Previous to 1993, this award was called the Lifetime Achievement Award)
Jan Brandstrom (1992), Esther Matthews (1991), Jack Carter (1989)

Leadership Award
Awarded to an individual that demonstrates exceptional leadership in the career development field.  (Prior to 2013, the Leadership Award was known as the Emerging Leader Award).

Past Recipients

Donna Montoya (2018), Heidi Yu (2016), Matt Morscheck (2011), Janet Sipe (2009), Katherine Bartlett (2007), Tami Volz (2006)Brenda Turner (2005)Cathy Tilley (2004)Debora Landforce (2003), Page Phillips (2001)Brent Jacobsen (1998)Andrea Newton (1991), Nancy Hargis (1990)Etta Foote (1989)

General Award Criteria
All nominations must contain adequate factual or descriptive material in order to describe the extent to which an individual meets the criteria. Support letters are welcome; however, please limit them to three. Include the following materials:

    • Nominations must be typed and signed by the person making the nominations (an e-mail signature will suffice). The nomination should not exceed two typewritten pages.
    • Hand written nominations will not be accepted.
    • If a person or institution being nominated has been a past recipient of the above awards, consideration for a second award must be based on enhancement from the previous award.

To complete your nomination, please submit the following information in a letter: (Not to exceed two pages typed.)

    1. Name and email address of nominator and nominee.
    2. Include which award you are nominating the person for (Ester Matthews or Leadership)
    3. Description of the client/student group (and other organizations, if appropriate) served by the nominee. (one paragraph)
    4. Description of the career development practices or program the nominee utilizes. (one to three paragraphs)
    5. Description of the nominee’s use of leadership, scholarship, and personal commitment in career development activities within the school, agency, private practice, or program. (one to three paragraphs)
    6. Description of the special contributions the nominee has made to the field of career development. (one to three paragraphs)

**Nominations due on or before Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 5:00pm

Email your nominations to the OCDA Past President

The Oregon Career Development Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable and educational entity.

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